A Post-Work Society

I have been thinking a lot about what a post-work society would look like. What would people do if they had a universal basic income. I know what I would do. I would pursue some passions of mine to help make society better. Personally, I think a lot of people would end up doing this. If I lived in a society where I did not have to work, I would pursue things of interest.

If work were no longer a thing, I would probably start a community network and connect it to the internet. This community network would allow people to access the internet for free and open up a world to them that might have otherwise been unavailable because of the exorbitant prices that Verizon, Comcast, Charter, Spectrum, et al charge. Maybe in a post-work world most corporations wouldn't exist anyways. We would go back to trading and bartering or perhaps none of that would matter anymore.

I even imagine a society where there is universal housing and nobody needs to be homeless; totally absent of landlordism and greed.