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Feeling Overwhelmed

I am feeling absolutely overwhelmed right now with things to do. I just got a call from NAMI about my section 8 housing and I have an appointment to inspect and sign the lease this coming Friday. I wanted more time but they wouldn’t give it to me. The property manager sounds like she is going to be a royal bitch to deal with. In some ways this is good because she won’t tolerate shenanigans. In others, it’s bad because getting her to do anything will be like pulling teeth. Now I need to get moving setup by the end of next week. Nothing is ever easy.

I also need to be there to help my mom go through the process of divorce. She is now absolutely certain that she wants to do this. Originally, we were going to call the attorney together today but my mom wanted to let my brother know what’s going on first and I think that’s a good thing. So sometime this week, we are going to start the process with the attorney. Once papers get served, my mom is going to move into the small apartment just off of my brother’s house. We need to get all of our ducks in a row for this move.

As if the above was not enough, I need to get in to see my psychiatrist so that I can get refills of my medications. This will be a bit challenging because fucking Social Security screwed up and never sent a message to have Medicare Part B reinstated like I had asked repeatedly. Now it looks like Part B may take up to 60 days to get reinstated. So, I have to apply for a financial assistance program so that I can pay for this visit. When I said nothing is ever easy, I meant it.

Living in unstable poverty is difficult and I am trying to get stabilized. Between all I have to do and battling mental illness, I literally have no bandwidth remaining to think or process anything else. I know how important it is to be there for my mom as she goes through the divorce process. My brother is maxed out and has absolutely no spare bandwidth so I have (and want) to help my mom through this. I’m just trying to take one step at a time.

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