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Gearing Up For Battle

This Tuesday morning I am gearing up for yet another battle with the United States Social Security Administration. This is getting absolutely exhausting. I am trying to do something as simple as dropping my mom from being my representative payee for Social Security Disability. My mom is pushing 80 and she just cannot do it anymore. Besides, I am in a good enough place where I can manage my own money.

So yet again, I must venture to the local Social Security office in Wilmington and tell them one more time to remove my mom from being my representative payee. This time they misplaced the letter from my psychiatrist stating that I am able to manage my own money. So I am going to provide the letter yet again and this is getting very old and very fast.

I also need to drag my mom to the office and she needs to again attest that she agrees. This all has to be done in person and it is simply an exercise in frustration and anger. At least I am able to maintain my cool and composure when dealing with the representative. However, the representative that I dealt with last Friday was quite rude to me. Now granted, she may have to deal with a lot of rude people and that could explain at least some of the attitude but I am tired of it.

I also got some bad news yesterday when I checked my snail mail. Apparently, the Disability Determination Service (DDS) does not think my two inpatient hospitalizations and one outpatient program is not enough so they want me to see their doctor. I hope that their doctor doesn’t disagree because if they do, I am absolutely screwed in every sense of the word.

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