I Am Angry And Frustrated

As the title reads, I am angry and frustrated at the world. It all began with seeing all of these corporations advertising. I became finally sick and tired of corporations and the wealthy telling us how to think and feel. I'm over the audaciousness and presumptuousness of it all. I am sick of capitalism period. This is how I feel today. Why is it that the poor suffer so badly? Why does the USA consistently favor the wealthy?

I think I am feeling these things because there is little to nothing that I can do except live within the cage-less prison that life in America is. Life in America is a lot like being a dog in a yard with an invisible fence. If we want to rise up, we get shocked and zapped back downwards. It's only a very select few that are able to break out and I chock it up to luck. It's just luck, nothing more. We all know hard work doesn't necessarily help.

Finally I am just exhausted, the kind of exhaustion that sleep does not cure. I heard about how Mayor Shontell in Philadelphia cleared out the homeless encampment in Kensington. Where the fuck are these homeless people going to go? What are they going to do? Nobody cares and the news callously reports on it as some kind of victory. I am so angry about this that I am just left nauseated. This is not any victory. I'm teetering on homelessness myself. Nobody is going to care about me.

I just need some space to rant and thankfully I have this blog. I feel better when I can get these swirling thoughts out of my head. The fact that there is nothing I can do frustrates me to no end. I feel like I am a victim of capitalism. I feel like I am a victim of a persistent policy that always favors the wealthy. The wealthy get all of the perks that they do not need.