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I Feel Accomplished

Today I discovered a treasure trove of courses put on by the University of Helsinki. They have a website,, that has free courses in computer science. I actually got excited because it will give me some real structured learning that I am craving. I created an account and decided to start at the beginning with Introduction to Programming. This course uses Python.

I was feeling quite depressed today and feeling some despair as well. I spent the morning and early afternoon basically spinning my wheels. Well lo and behold I managed to get started on the course. I gave myself a gentle push and the next thing I knew 8pm arrived. I worked on, and completed, part 1. I was able to complete all of the exercises so I have 100% thus far.

This is going to be really educational and fun. I love challenges to solve. I feel really good about what I did and I am looking forward to starting part 2 tomorrow. I’m learning how much fun Python is.

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