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More Frustration Today

So today I am even more frustrated because nothing seems to be working correctly and it’s spilling over into my feelings. It is like the ripples from tossing a stone in a pond. The whole affair began with the stupid fucking Lyft app not working properly. And of course it doesn’t work properly when I have a discount for 2 75% off rides. Since I was counting on this being able to work, I figured I’d sleep a little later and not take the bus. I figured that I’d make it to the Social Security office in time to do what I needed to. Well that didn’t happen.

So I go to the diner and decided to have a waffle and bacon for breakfast because I seem to eat out of frustration and anger. Thank god for my gastric bypass that prevents me from overeating. Anyhow, I decide to eat my feelings away and I chatted briefly with the manager who is an anarcho-communist like myself. He and I both believe that capitalism is the entire problem with society. It encourages greed, and in its latter stages, stagnation. I’ve noticed nothing really revolutionary has come since the internet was introduced to the masses. Just more of the same little tweaks here and there bolstered by hyperbole.

Well, wouldn’t you know that a male Baby Boomer decided to butt in to our conversation. I was talking to the manager and I mentioned how much I dislike conservatives and that they’re nothing more than fundamentalists. Said Baby Boomer exclaimed, “Not all conservatives are fundamentalists!’ To which my response, with shit-eating grin, “In my mind they are and you are not part of this conversation.”

So now I have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow to catch the bus to go to the Social Security office to hopefully get what I need to accomplished. The local office looks gutted, exactly what both sides of the aisle ultimately want. There are usually only two to three windows open to serve many people that come through. Your only recourse is getting there when the office opens and getting a low ticket number. If you don’t get to the office by 9am, forget about getting seen. You’ll end up waiting all day.

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