My Father

I want to begin this blog article by explaining that I'm estranged from my father. My father is responsible for much of my trauma. He caused me significant harm to the point where even seeing him can be triggering. Well, he called me and I answered without looking at the number. Hoo wee! What a night.

My father is a moron when it comes to investing. But what's more concerning is that he's deluded himself into thinking that he's god's gift to it. My father never learns from his mistakes and he's easily swindled and fooled. I worry about my mother and having her placed in a dire situation.

I had to listen to my old man rattle off his investment strategy which completely defied logic. I'm far from being any kind of wizard and I saw all of the errors in his thinking. But as long as he doesn't see the past investment failures as his fault, he'll never learn. It's always someone else's fault or problem with my father.

I really don't know where to go because my mom won't leave him for reasons that make no sense to me. The way my father is burning through cash, there is likely not going to be anything left over.