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Not Cut Out For Software Development

Unfortunately, I think I am not really cut out for software development. My brain just does not think along those lines. I don’t feel badly about it, I just accept it. I do want to design websites but I think I can use WordPress as a base for the designs and can learn enough coding to design a theme. Theme design with the newest Gutenberg full site editing has gotten a lot simpler. Plus, there are good free courses to learn WordPress. I think I am going to pivot my goals some.

WordPress’ fancy full site editing capability might open more doors for me. I am going to take the free courses and see where I end up with them. Computer Science is not going to be a good option for me and I am okay with that. What if I can do really cool WordPress and WooCommerce themes? I can certainly try.

Today has been a pretty blah day and I am trying not to be disappointed in myself for not meeting with success in this endeavor. There are other things that I can pursue. I just need to get back up and dust myself off. I will do this and I can do this!

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