A New Political Party

During this time of political, economic, and health crisis in America it has never been more clear that the two party system has failed 99% of Americans. These 99% are people like you and me, people that work for a living in a form of indentured servitude to the 1%. Both parties conspire to keep us in this status so it is time for a progressive party, one that it is dedicated to social, economic, and racial justice; dedicated to ending the plight of the working class and ending economic inequality. Unfortunately, most Americans are not ready for this as they see themselves as millionaires-in-waiting. As long as the god of the 99% is money, we will always side with the wealthy and always support their cause.

A new political party will bring about revolution which is what we need when the Democrats and Republicans are merely different sides of the same coin. A progressive party will be able to shift the national discussion towards universal healthcare, a universal housing policy, a federal jobs guarantee, and taking care of our environment, our home. When two parties have become so complicitly corrupt, the only way to break the gridlock is either revolution or a new party to re-balance politics in America.

Forming a new political party presents a monumental task. Ross Perot tried unsuccessfully to do so in the early 1990s. I cannot imagine it would be any easier in 2020, 30 years later. It is going to take an enormous groundswell that I do not see happening when Donald Trump has a 50% approval rating. How can somebody that lies with impugnity and repeatedly spins everything in his favor? Moreover, how are people believing Trump? These questions defy rational explanation. As long as this happens, a new political party is about as improbably as Mohammad moving a mountain.

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