A Rainy Day

A rainy day was a perfect excuse for me to install and configure Windows 10 on my laptop. I did not really want to do it but I found that I have the need to brush up on my Cisco Routing and Switching which means I need Packet Tracer. While doing this I discovered a wealth of classic games that are really only available for Windows so it will be good to have both a Windows machine and an OpenBSD machine. I will say that Linux sucks more than Windows.

I even managed to find a Hugo binary for Windows so I can update my blog either from the comfort of my couch or my home office chair. I still love OpenBSD very much but Windows has come along way with 10. It’s actually not bad to use. The problem with its use lies in a tacit support of closed source, proprietary software. So I resolve to only use freely available software on this machine. I refuse to use Microsoft Office and instead installed LibreOffice. I got my brother turned on to LibreOffice.

In the end I got Doom going on my OpenBSD machine and had a lot of fun with it. I found Sim City 3000 for my Windows machine. All in all it was sort of a productive day. I wanted to make some headway on my book but did not because I was stymied by a tool on OpenBSD. I am going to have to find a different way to kill this mosquito. I’ll spend time tonight trying to come up with a plan.

Anyhow, my book, OpenBSD By Example, is a case study of a start-up internet company that will be using OpenBSD for everything from desktop to server to network. At the very least this should be an educational experience for me. The name of the fictional company will be Felix Web Services as a nod to my favorite cat, Felix, and the kitty clock. It’s going to track the growth and provide examples of how to use OpenBSD to do everything.

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