America's Education System

The system of education in America has little to do about actual education but about indoctrination into a brutally harsh capitalist system where failure and difficulty is met with personal fault. I’ve recently had time to examine my grade school education and I have realized that it was all about “white is right” and “big bad Communism.” Every bit of history that I learned in grade school glorified horrors like manifest destiny and Andrew Jackson. Slavery was touched on in only the most general of ways, need I say any more?

I still remember how my second grade teacher, a pretty little thing from Columbus, Ohio named Miss Bolignini called the USSR a bad place where people have to wait in very long lines to get food and clothing. She showed us pictures of the masses suffering. How carefully these photos were staged and manipulated to make it look like the USSR was bad. The reality is that you can find any scene to paint your own narrative. The 1980s were a rough time in America. America wasn’t so great a place; looking at Harlem and Times Square, New York as an example.

Even the textbooks reduce any education on Native American Nations as something to be curiously amused by, painting them as backwards compared to the European settlers and explorers. Andrew Jackson and the trail of tears was merely a one paragraph blurb carefully constructed to convey impartiality but most people, myself included at the time, ignored the blurb. The textbook publishers counted on this fact that most kids wouldn’t care and they could maintain “white is right” thinking.

Finally, don’t get me started on the purpose of homework. Homework isn’t solely about practicing what is learned at school; only a small part of it is. In reality, it’s getting us indoctrinated into continuous work with little time or energy to pursue things we enjoy and hobbies. This is by design because, after all, we must get used to our wage slavery somehow.

I even remember about not learning about the Vietnam War until high school. I guess the reason it isn’t taught is because it was a failure and we don’t teach America’s failures. As I age, I realize I am moving more and more left.

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