An Olive Branch for Liz Warren

The genesis of this blog post is a twitter poll that I saw below and thought it was an incredibly thought provoking question. Should Liz Warren be Bernie’s running mate?

I will freely admit that I do not trust Warren as far as I can throw her. She is known to blow with the political winds, much like a windsock. However, of the establishment politicians, she is the least egregious out of all of them. I believe that Bernie could keep her in line and force her to play ball and if she does not, Bernie could always fire her after the election. For now though, I think having a Bernie/Warren team would be a lot more tolerable to the establishment and convince all the DNC elites to turn on Joe Biden. Joe Biden is truly an awful candidate and will only roll out the red carpet to 4 more years of Donald Trump.

Warren could prove to Bernie’s segue into the White House. I personally loathe her but am willing to take a boiling hot shower after the election if it puts Bernie in the presidency. I also think it converts an enemy into at least a team member, if not an outright friend. Remember, if she does not tow the progressive line, she can always be commanded to issue a resignation letter. Liz might be able to use her political savvy to help sell Bernie’s social programs. Bernie is not necessarily the greatest salesman of all time. But he’s persistent and he wears people down until they capitulate. If Warren’s political savvy can be the balancing factor to Bernie’s political activism, good things can happen.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. -Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu’s observations from The Art of War were well ahead of his time. These observations are still every bit as prescient today as they ever were. Sun Tzu was an avid proponent of reconnaisance and knew the value of reliable, well thought out intelligence and this is a clear situation where we could all take a lesson from the master strategist. Progressives need to view this is a war of words and ideas; a war for the soul of democracy and America. In war, sometimes we must be pragmatic.

It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it can catch mice. -Mao Zedong

Mao might not be anywhere close to being my favorite person but this saying is good. If Warren can be the cat that catches the DNC establishment lemmings, then I could care less about her dubious history. It’s not as if she can really undermine Bernie as a Vice President. In the end, Warren’s swollen head and ego will be massaged as she can be a first for the record books. She can be a history maker for America in her own right. I wonder if she her ego will override her bitterness towards Bernie. Would she accept an olive branch to be a Vice President? That is the 10 million dollar question.

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