As I Age

I am a generaton X baby and the baby boomers often warned me that I would become more conservative as I grew older. As I age, I am finding myself actually moving more and more left to the point where I identify as a Communist and reject Capitalism altogether. I really see where a country needs programs like Housing For All, Healthcare For All, and Food For All. A healthy population is a productive population.

Of the three main policies that I mentioned above, I am perhaps most passionate about Housing For All. Stability and mental and physical health begin with having stable housing. Housing is fundamental to mental and physical health. I find myself pondering how one might go about starting a program for Housing For All. How do I start such a program and make it successful without something as evil as means testing?

Could we do something based on the totality of somebody’s circumstances? What about looking at a person or family’s needs instead of means? Needs-based housing assistance is a possible startng point. To use myself as an example, I make okay money now but my employment is always going to be somewhat perilous because of my mental illness. I may hit a point where stress and anxiety put me back in serious depression and inability to function. This makes housing needs-based instead of means-tested.

A dream of mine is to start a non-profit in the name of housing for all. I know that Habitat For Humanity exists but it’s still ultimately means-tested and it overlooks those with needs because they have the means. Plus, I don’t like the way Habitat For Humanity is run and its close association with Landmark, a self-help cult.

The main question I have is how we ensure fairness in a process. I think it lies in needs-based assessments initially. The ultimate goal is having nobody who wants housing go without but I need some sort of starting point.

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