Blowing Off Steam

Tonight I really need to blow off some steam. Work is not going well and I am depresed about it. I had higher hopes that I’d found a good place to work but it looks like those hopes have been sorely missplaced. I guess the old saying, Shit in one hand, hope in the other, and see which hand gets filled faster bitterly applies. I have stepped into a dumpster fire and it feels like I just don’t have enough bandwidth to survive it. But I am keeping a stiff upper lip and all.

Why does it feel like the weekdays are just a measly three and half hours or so of personal time, then go to bed, wake up, rinse and repeat? Surely there is something more to this life than that? Well, maybe there isn’t and I should take refuge in the fact that I am not alone? Well, I don’t take any refuge in it at all. In fact, I am sadened by what my life and others lives have been reduced to.

Then I read about how Donald Trump is gearing up his MAGA Army of crazies and god knows what they’re going to do ahead of these circus hearings. People are already on an explosive hair trigger so it’s not going to take much at all. I took a quick glimpse at CNN and boy am I regretting it because CNN would have me believe that Civil War 2 is about to happen. Living in the United States is becoming an increasingly untenable situation. Our neighbors to the north and across the pond are looking better and better.

Why do human beings have to be so damn bad to each other. Why must we ensalve and murder our own kind? The entire framework for my employment is based on the fact that there are shitty parents out there that abuse their children. There are shitty foster parents too that have no business with their own children, let alone anybody else’s. I am just sitting here burning with anger and sour as hell. I’ll show myself out. Thanks for listening.

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