C For Dummies Like Me

I decided to permanently table the idea to write a technical book. Instead, I am going to work on learning to code in C. I have tried to learn C before with no success but I am older now and much more of an expert with computers. I can write Unix shell scripts for automation now so the time is right to learn C. I asked one of my friends on Mastodon who is a self-taught C software engineer how he learned and he actually did it with the For Dummies series. He told me that, unlike other books in the series, the C For Dummies All In One Desk Reference is a good learning resource because it actually teaches good coding practices and helps the new programmer to develop good habits.

I would say that coming from a software engineer, that’s high praise. Anyhow, I am not planning on doing this for a living. I want to be able to work on OpenBSD and OpenBSD is written using both C and C++. I want to dive into its internals and learn a lot. But first I need to learn the basics of the language and this For Dummies series book should help quite a bit. I know how to write scripts in Python and I wrote a really cheesy game of Battleship in it so now it’s time to learn to play with the big boys. Unix is C and C is Unix. Therefore, I really want to learn it.

Unlike previous attempts at learning it which I did long before there were compilers freely available, the only cost to me was the book. And I got the book at a great price on Amazon for all of around 22.00. If I can finally understand pointers and linked lists, then I will be ready for the big top. If I can master arrays and array manipulations, then I will be happy.

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