Changed My Mind

I have changed my mind on writing a book. I do not enjoy technical writing so much after all. It’s somewhat tedious and kind of boring. I wrote 5 pages and decided to scrap the idea. I would rather learn new things by experimenting with OpenBSD. So I spent the morning building in some real load balancing and redundancy to my website. I use Vultr as my cloud provider and 15.00 a month for a redundant load balanced personal website is a lot of fun. It is a bit of sending a cannon to kill a mosquito but I learned something.

I think learning is what is actually a lot of fun and I prefer it to technical documentation. I know I really enjoyed the little bit of Python that I did and I actually wrote a Battleship game in it that works. Of course it is only in ASCII text but the game works and it even has a little artifical intelligence that I created just from thinking how my brain works and where I would make my guesses if I got a hit. It turns out that my thinking actually works.

So instead of embarking on a technical book, I think I would rather continue my programming education some and dive into C. It would be fun to be able to write real programs for my favorite operating system, OpenBSD. The C For Dummies All-In-One looks pretty interesting and I hope it won’t cause me to develop any bad habits but I’d rather keep learning. Learning is ultimately more rewarding than simply churning out how-to articles.

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