Collapse of America

This absolutely surreal, almost movie-like. We are watching America rapidly unravel. Stress is at an all time high and it is causing people to snap. Food and energy prices have risen well beyong people’s means to afford them. Roads, bridges, and infrastructure are decaying. Political dysfunction is worse than it has ever been. Politicians continue to give needless benefits to the wealthy while stripping needed benefits from the working class. If this does not read like Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire, I don’t know what does.

I should also add the civil unrest is growing and we are seeing this in mass shooting events and nothing more than useless thoughts and prayers being offered by those we have elected to solve the problems. Perhaps we have elected very poor leadership? There’s nothing “perhaps” about it. We have. Instead of putting smart, scientific minds in positions of leadership, we have put business oligarchs, political science types, and attorneys in charge of our nation.

Just as we have reached the tipping point of no return on the environment, we have reached the same with America. America, much like the fall of Rome, is a dying empire. We are over-extended domestically and globally. We are unable to feed our own population because of soaring food prices. Many rely on food banks which are doing a hero’s work to the community.

We are also seeing the rise of religious fundamentalism in America which is actually contributing to civil unrest instead of solving problems. America was intended to be governed secularly by our founders. One should be free to practice (or not practice) religion. Instead we are seeing religion starting to influence laws and court decisions, i.e. the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade and the failure to codify legalized abortion. The fire is burning brighter than ever.

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