Ditched Linux and Windows Today

After last night’s discovery of a wealth of games and stuff for OpenBSD, I decided that I had enough of keeping Alpine Linux and a Windows 10 VM on my desktop. I was kind of aided by the fact that my desktop decided to shit the bed this morning. I turned it on and the hard drive failed, making me wonder if anything is well built these days. My PC’s warranty just expired as well. It is a good thing I had a 2TB Seagate Barracuda laying around which I figured correctly that I could press into service. In case I have some need to have Windows handy, I decided to slap a partition smack down the center of the drive so I can multiboot.

I never liked Linux to begin with and I simply tolerated it but it was always a kludge that I could never completely understand. The problem with the Linux ecosystem is that it is too decentralized and all over the place. The nice thing about the BSD Ecosystem is that it is still open source but it is tightly controlled, and OpenBSD in particular, stresses code correctness and thorough, clear, and accurate documentation. So, I am just finishing up upgrading from OpenBSD 6.6 to OpenBSD-current. Current is the bleeding edge of development and even -current is more stable than a lot of the other operating systems out there. In fact, you’re safe running OpenBSD current in production. An OpenBSD-current server powers this blog and has done so reliably.

I wanted to play some games today but the hour is getting late and I am going to have to work for a few hours tomorrow. The rain is going to hold off and I need to make hay while the sun shines. Once the rain starts, I can play some games and generally have a good time. I am seriosuly looking forward to a jam session with Marathon, the first person shooter from the 1990s. Retro gaming at it’s very best baby!

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