Fuck the Federal Government

The last 7 days have left me utterly drained and very angry at the federal government. I wish I could say I was surprised at the complete incompetence of the federal government, so yes, I am at the point of exclaiming, “Fuck the federal government!” The lack of a good, cohesive response to the COVID19 pandemic has caused a panic in the business world and the wealthy have sold off all of their shit causing the market to collapse and wiping out the lifesavings of an untold number of people in a short 1 week span.

At least with all of this anger, I feel that I am thinking more soberly about my position. Homelessness need not be the scary thing that it is. Instead, all I have to do is buy myself a tent and set up a home in a national forest. My goddamned taxes went to paying for the land so I feel that I have partial ownership in it. All I need is a canvas wall tent and a nice sport for some peace and quiet. I am sick and tired of being abused by a system stacked against me. Each time I almost get ahead, life kicks me in the teeth and it’s the fault of the establishment; the fault of the man.

So if I lose my housing, I am maxing my credit card out and selling all of my worldly posessions for whatever I can get for them. Then I set up camp and let the goddamned rangers arrest me for trespassing for I will have nothing else to lose. I am going to die anywway without the life saving vitamins I must take daily. So I give myself a few months. At least the weather is warming up so I won’t have to freeze my ass off. I hope more people in similar situations will do something like what I am doing. I won’t live in a hobo jungle. If I have to be homeless, I want to be away from people, not near them. The farther away I can be, the safer I will be.

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