Humans and Animals

I am very sad when I see and hear about animals being neglected and abused. I feel the same way about human beings whom are in treated the same way. Why is it that there are more services for dogs and cats then there are for human beings? That is almost the quintessential question of the day. I often wonder why it is that we will tell a homeless person to get a job, ignore, or treat them with disdain but that same treatment is not afforded to an animal. Both human beings and animals are living things and deserve equal treatment. This video shows how just awful humans are treated. This would also be traumatic to the animal.

The bottom line is that both humans and animals are important. Our pets need us as much as we need them. Healthy humans mean healthy pets. We need to have services for humans as much as animals. Homelessness is a scourage that does not go away through management and criminalization. It goes away from guaranteed living wage employment and affordable housing that allows human beings to save money.

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