Long Term Employment Thoughts

I have had some time to think about my employment situation and I may incorporate a small part time business that I will call Black Cat Enterprises, LLC. This way I can do some freelance writing and do some driving for a company called Draiver (pronounced “driver”). I have my CDL and it is perfectly clean so maybe I can make some money transporting trucks. I want something where I can make extra money on my own time. Draiver looks like a good opportunity. A fellow professional driver told me about them so I think it is worth doing a trip or two and seeing how it works out.

In between doing these gigs, I will work at Brinks as a vault guard. I am still in the pre-employment phase but it looks as if it is going to be a decent, low stress job. Between the gigs and the benefits that are being earned at Brinks, I’ll make out okay and maybe get a little bit ahead. When I am not doing a gig for extra money, I can spend the time studying for my Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification. I am simply going to self-study as there’s no need to really complicate matters and pay for courses online. I am a pretty seasoned Unix admin on OpenBSD. It’s just a matter of learning the Red Hat way.

I think I am happy in a combination of part-time self-employment and full time employment with a company. Brinks makes this possible because my shift is a straight Monday through Friday from 2:00PM - 9:00PM and sometimes as late as 10:00 or 11:00. I can even have a few cool t-shirts and polos made with a logo. Just something eye catching for somebody to ask me about it. I’ll be the jack and master of many things. And that is pretty much what one needs to be these days.

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