My Take on History's Alone

One of my favorite TV shows is Alone on the History Channel. I wish they had a version where they only tested the psychological aspect, and to a lesser extent, the survival aspect. The show itself is really well done and raw. The participants are not actors, they’re only well-trained survivalists.

What if the producers of Alone did a version where the participants were given food weekly in cache and simply tested the psychological side of being alone? A true scientific experiment would simply test one variable. I would love to be on a show that tested the psychology of being completely alone because I think I would succeed. I enjoy my own company.

I look at the people that have tapped out due to loneliness and wonder if there was a stable food source, would they have lasted longer. Did discomfort and lack of food contribute to the psychology of being Alone? We don’t really know because the test is designed for TV drama. But it could still be interesting.

I would like to see History try a modified version of this show that provides food and truly tests the psychology of being alone. I think, given a staple diet, the show might be longer lasting and the competition might be even more fierce.

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