OpenBSD Retro Gaming

This evening I learned about how I can use my OpenBSD machine to play games! Of particular interest are all of the retro games from my childhood. I found an original Nintendo Entertainment System emulator and game ROMs. I have such fond memories of the Super Mario Brothers series and the cheesy Nintendo Ice Hockey game. I was a rabid Legend of Zelda and Metroid fan as well. Man, I loved everything from Baseball to Football and everything in between. I cannot believe I found Castlevania, Contra, and others. I feel like a pig in shit!

I ran across 3 games completely by accident while searching for a Macintosh Emulator. I want to play the orginal Hard Ball game and found it for the old school Mac. So that’s out but I did find the Marathon first person shooter series from Bungie. I played Marathon, Marathon 2, and Marathon Infinity in high school. Those games were lots of fun and I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon them for free and available in the OpenBSD ports system. All I had to do was a pkg_add marathon marathon2 marathoninfinity and I am going to travel back in time 25 years. I am old but happy as hell to have found all of these games.

I have a decent Core i5 desktop and now that I am effectively no longer going to really need the Windows 10 virtual machine and Linux, I am going to wipe it out completely, install OpenBSD, and I’ll be in gaming paradise. Maybe I can even get my brother going with it on his old desktop that he no longer needs. I’ll throw OpenBSD on it and we can play some of these games together networked. Now I have a project for the rainy days this week when I effectively will not be able to work due to the weather. I see Quake and Duke Nukem are available but I actually have to buy the game. I can then copy the data files to the OpenBSD port of the game engine.

As if this is not all, I found a Reddit group dedicated to OpenBSD gaming, /r/openbsd_gaming. If you think you might have an interest in this, please do it! Oh and you will be supporting a free and secure ecosystem! These discoveries tonight convince me more than ever that the last 20 years I have spent using OpenBSD were highly fruitful. I learned a treasure trove worth of information about computers and the internet courtesy of the finest operating system out there!

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