Saturday Morning

This Saturday morning I am really feeling the weight of life in America and its near impossibility to get ahead. I know that this is by design. I know why people dream and by lottery tickets because of this. Anyhow, I digress; I am feeling low and grouchy this morning despite the unusually nice weather. I think I am going to get lost in a show today and escape the doldrums.

It’s days like these that I dream of being able to simply pitch a tent somewhere in one of the national forests and escape. But I can barely take care of myself, let alone do anything like live off the land. But I can get lost in a dream.

I just don’t know how I can carry on for another 20 years until retirement. I just don’t see how I can soldier on anymore. I thought it would be better working for state government but it’s no better or worse than the private sector; just different.

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