Solving Crime and Violence

The problems of crime and violence are deceptively difficult to solve. Yes, I used the double negative on purpose in order to draw attention to how simple these problems are to solve. In order to solve the problems of crime and violence, we must address the problem of poverty. To solve the problem of poverty, we must have a strong social welfare system that is not nearly as means tested as it is today.

We begin by re-implementing public housing and making it available to any family that wants it. Instead of high rise projects that look uninviting, We build them as condominums and townhomes. The state will own the units and the people that want to live in them will help in their construction. This gives residents a stake in the place where they’re going to live. It encourages neighborhood stabilization and a stable neighborhood is a neighborhood low in crime.

Since poverty and mental illness are often co-morbidities (if we want to accept that poverty is a disease and I believe it is) we have intensive, compassionate, and well-paying care available to those in need. By offering prevantative mental health care services, we further prevent violent crime and encourage neighborhood stability.

Finally, we pay for this through taxation where it belongs: on the wealthy. The wealthy use the same infrastructure and participate in American life every bit as much as the poor and working class. Therefore, the wealthy should be made to pay their fair share in taxes. Despite all of the tax incentives, the trickle down economics that Ronald Reagan promised have failed to materialize. I will leave you with this question: How much longer are we going to tolerate Socialism for the wealthy and painful austerity for the poor?

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