Some Interesting Domain Updates

I woke up today to have received my first official piece of spam for my domain. I have owned the domain for almost a year now and I am surprised that it took this long to get a bite. Well, to be honest, I am also pissed off because once the spammers find you, it becomes the never endng game of cat and mouse or whack-a-mole - whichever you prefer to call it. It’s been nice being able to run my email server without any spam filtration but those days are over. I guess today’s project is going to be getting rspamd working.

This morning I discovered an issue with my website which was a little bit of an annoyance. When checking Google’s Page Insights I noticed the speed of the website going very, very slowly. I know that there are many variables involved, including my cloud provider’s network loads but it shouldn’t be this slow. I went to see if I could browse to my website and it was slow as molasses in the middle of winter. Then I discovered that I had forgotten to downgrade the web servers from SSL to just regular HTTPS. Since the load balancer is acting as a TLS accelerator, it is handling all of the SSL related stuff. So in effect, the connection was getting encrypted twice which was totally unnecessary. Once moving the web servers to regular HTTP and checking speeds again I saw a sizeable improvement.

I am still left wondering how the heck I broke webmail so I ended up uninstalling the package which is okay because I have to set it up so that it is load balanced as well. Furthermore, when I converted everything last night, I left the HTTP port 80 still open to the public. Why oh why did I do that!? That’s a rookie mistake. Never leave unnecessary ports open on the internet-facing network interface. Grrr! Oh and before I forget, I also managed to speed things up by changing the method by which I was checking to see if the post is up. By changing the heartbeat to a simple HEAD / code 200 check I was able to remove some latency.

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