Some Life Preparations

I spent the afternoon making some preparations because the Coronavirus (COVID19) has hit my tiny little home state of Delaware. I bought some food to last a little bit and I started putting together a password list of all my information in case something should happen to me. I know it is kind of morbid and a little preparation is a good thing. I still have to get my head wrapped around this whole COVID19 thing because I just don’t scare easily and I am not really attached to life. I take the long view which, I have often been told, has Buddhist overtones. I found a great little program called KeePass while looking for some way to store passwords other than using a spreadsheet. There are verisons of it for just about every operating system out there and OpenBSD did not disappoint. There is a version for it called KeePassx so I installed it. My brother installed it on his Mac and I we exchanged copies of each other’s KeePass files in case either of us should buy the farm, we don’t leave our families in the lurch.

I decided to sit down to write this little blog because I am sad about the sorry state of affair in the United States right now. The only god in America is money, and while I am an atheist, were a member of the faithful, I would never worship money. It is so sad to see how much we have valued money above human life. We have even valued the lives of our pets over our own and our pets depend upon us for their health as much as we depend on them for our own. The notion of the Horatio Alger Ragged Dick rags to riches is a myth. Even Ragged Dick had an essential benefactor to help him through life. Rugged individualism is just a flat out lie as we are even biologically programmed to be pack animals. At least most of us are. There are outliers like myself that tend to do better existing outside of the notion the group. But even I have my occasional need for socialization.

I have no idea what the future holds and I had a job interview with Family Court to be a Court Security Officer yesterday. I doubt I will even get any serious consideration. In fact, I expect the thanks but no thanks letter to come via email any time now. I did land a job at Brinks as a vault security guard which pays about the same amount but it is only 30 hours or so a week. The advantage of the Brinks job is that it is going to be low stress and certainly not hard on the knees or back. It is all work that I can handle and will not be particularly stressful. I guess that’s about all for now. I haven’t been feeling too well so tomorrow I am going to get tested for COVID19 at the urgence of my mom.

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