Time for a Change

Tomorrow it is time for my appointment with the head doctor and I need a medication change. Despite the increased physcial activity and work, the clinical depression that I am experiencing is not easing. I doubt Remeron is really doing anything for me anymore so it’s time to change things. I am not overly anxious about changing up my antidepressant but doing the same sort of things over and over and expecting a different result is, after all, maddness in its own right. I do not know what other sorts of medications there are out there and maybe there is something newer to the market that might be more effective than what I am doing now. After all, Mirtazapine, the generic form of the medication, has been around since 1998 and that’s more than 20 years ago. I mean surely the mental health pharmacology has improved in that time?

On the plus side, I did sleep much better last night. I stopped taking Seroquel when I ran out a month ago because I really hated its side effects. Seroquel was prescribed for me for sleep and it was not really doing much to improve my sleep. The withdrawal from Seroquel sucked ass but I am doing slightly better today in terms of feeling rested. Hopefully as the days progress, I’ll be doing even a little bit better. I even ran out of a Gabapentin and I haven’t filled that one either. I feel better with less medication than with more. Sometimes I wonder if the field of psychiatry just likes throwing medication at the problem. That much said, my psychiatrist has unimpeachable ethics and does believe in using the least amount of medication to treat a condition as possible. She probably doesn’t get any swag or kickbacks from Big Pharma but she has her integrity.

Admittedly, I do not know shit about psychoactive medications and nor should I because I am neither a biochemist nor doctor. But, I am curious as to whether Latuda might be an option. Latuda is really for folks that have mania but I generally do not. I wonder if it could be effective for folks like me that just have major depressive disorder. This I guess would be something I would need to take up with my doctor. I am even curious about this new drug called esketamine. From my read of it, ketamine is basically a tranquilizer but it is approved to treat depression and has promising results for people like me that are typically resistant to the drugs out there. The drugs out there just do not really work for me. Either way, it’s a discussion that I will likely need to have.