Trying to Eat Better

On Thursday of last week, I began a push to eat better. I would say that I’ve done sort of an okay job. I could have done a lot better but some improvement is better than none at all. I often find myself thinking that one of the potential causes of me being anxiety-riddled all of the time has, at least partially, to do with the fact that I am just not eating enough healthy foods.

I am finding myself craving more nutritious food now. I am sick of the meat and potatoes diet. I am sick of fried foods and sugar as well. For lunch this afternoon, I ordered a garden salad with grilled chicken: a much better choice overall. I also couldn’t go wrong with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing which will be lower in calories and fat than a cream based one.

I have come to the realization that the food we eat has to be like good medicine. It needs to promote mental and physical health. I am so sick of putting the equivalent of diesel fuel into my body. It’s time for meaningful change.

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