Riding For Health Again

Riding For Health Again

I am about to embark again on a long dormant activity: bicycle riding. The last time I did any distance riding was about 10 years ago and I truly miss riding. I miss the activity and miss the good feeling that it would give me. My brother brought my bicycle out of storage yesterday, Sunday, April 28th 2024. This evening, Monday, April 29th, I decided to see if the inner tubes would hold air again and inflated them. Lo and behold they do.

The goal for this week is to get my bicycle cleaned and tuned up; get it road worthy again. Another goal is to purchase bike shorts and bike jerseys again. If I can accomplish just this small goal this week, I will be happy. Next week's goal is to try the Jack Markell trail which is rated as easy and goes for 7.9 miles in one direction. I don't even have to do the full trail. I just want to get riding no matter what the distance. If I need to rest, I need to rest. I am planning on attacking this venture using as much self-praise as possible.

Yes, in the past I could ride 60-100 miles at a time. It does not mean that I will be unable to do this again. I just want to start slowly; being kind to myself at every juncture. Tomorrow, I am going to return the bicycle that the Urban Bike Project of Wilmington was kind enough to give me. It's a decent bike that would no doubt make someone really happy. It's just not right for me because the frame size is too small. Then on Thursday, I go to the same bike shop for the tune-up and clean-up of my Cannondale R1000 Aero. The work only costs 3.00 an hour plus parts. I know I am going to need new inner tubes, potentially brake pads, and pedals because I no longer have the special cycling shoes.

Hopefully on Saturday, May 4th I will be ready to ride! I will also be ready to praise myself for simply attempting any distance whatsoever. This is key. I know I hate the gym so this is going to be my personal and natural antidepressant. It would be great if I could lessen the dependence on medication through healthier living.