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Steps To Take For Self-Improvement

Now that I have gotten all of my feelings outside of my head and on to paper, it’s time to formulate a plan for self improvement. There are some steps that I can take and I am certainly intelligent enough to succeed at. Now it is time to brainstorm a plan for self-education to see if I can utilize the freely available courses on the internet to try and get skills for a new career. I have to rise above my depression and inertia. I have to dig deep into energy reserves and get this done.

  1. Harvard CS50 – Freely available computer science course online through edX that will give me a good foundation.
  2. The Odin Project – Work on it and finish it. It teaches full stack web development. Harvard CS50 might be very helpful in doing this.

These two courses above will give me something to do and something to shoot for when things look bleak. In fact, I am going to begin today. My personal pity party is over. Friday, June 7th is the day that I take charge again. I am going to swallow my mental illness, rise up, and soldier on. I will persevere. I will develop a healthy routine.

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