Subsidized Housing Came Through

I am so happy and relieved today because I got a call from NAMI with the good news that my number came up for subsidized housing. Also, the unit is in a nice suburban neighborhood and not the City of Wilmington which is also a nice added bonus. Since this is a program through both NAMI and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, no more than 30% of my income will go towards rent. I'll have some stable poverty at the very least.

Since all of this came through, I have a lot to do right now. I have to see what furniture I am going to keep and what I will have to sell and/or give away. I also have to clean my current apartment thoroughly so to help my brother and his wife re-rent this unit. I am going to miss living here but I know ultimately that I will be saving significant money and I will do a little bit better which is what I am hoping for.

I am very nervous about all I have to do and what the future holds. I cannot help the anxiety. It's weird because I am relieved that the subsidized housing came through but my anxiety is high over all that I have to do to be ready for it and in so short a period of time. I'm looking at moving in within about two weeks' time. It's all happening so fast that my head is spinning.