Building an OpenBSD Router

All good, and for that matter, bad, things can and do come to an end. I enjoyed having free internet for a long time. My landlord decided to move out of his unit and rent it out so he let me know with enough advance notice that I’ll need to obtain my own internet. I am fine with that because the swap was good. I’d help him with computer problems and he would give me free internet. [Read More]

More IT Certifications

I know that this is utter madness repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result but I am going to self-study for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator and get Microsoft Certified. I am going to do this on my own and somewhat slowly but I have to beef up my resume if I am going to get any shot at IT. I would be considered well-qualified if I had those plus the CCNA that is already in my portfolio. [Read More]

Cloud Killed the Radio Star

Just like the classic 1980s hit from The Buggles, Video Killed The Radio Star, the cloud has killed the radio star. In this case, it’s decimated information technology infrastructure jobs because fewer people are needed to manage corporate infrastructure when everything is now served in a data center and is often virtualized. This means most infrastructure jobs are now either in networking (and this too can be virtualized) or desktop support. [Read More]

Installed RainLoop for Webmail

This afternoon I decided that it would be nice to have webmail access for my personal email setup in case I am in an area where all I can use is a publicly available computer. Normally I am an experienced Roundcube user and I liked its minimalistic look very much but I happened upon RainLoop quite by accident. Now both RainLoop and Roundcube use PHP and I was really hoping to not have to go back to using anything with PHP but such as life. [Read More]

Cloud Server Downgrade

Since I am still unemployed and depend on my blog as a means of both learning and mental stimulation, I decided to make the funds that I still have remaining with my cloud provider, Vultr, last a little bit longer. Since I was not really using a whole lot of the server space and RAM that I had allocated, I figured that I could downgrade from the 10.00 per month plan to the 5. [Read More]

Unbound as a LAN DNS Server

One of the best newish features of Unbound is that it can now act as both an authoritative and recursive DNS server. It used to be that you could kind of use Unbound as an authoritative DNS server by adding entries to the unbound.conf file that mimicked a DNS record. However, now it is entirely possible to use true forward and reverse zone definition files as well as setting up master/secondary replication. [Read More]

Building Firewall Blocklists

One of the things that I see very commonly asked on internet forums are for ways to build firewall block lists. We have to face the facts that there are many bad actors out there that seek to do nefarious things with their internet connection. Whether it is an entire country engaged in industrial espionage or bad actors seeking to profit from spam, sending ransomware, or other activity, we often have a want and need to stop the nonsense. [Read More]