Building an OpenBSD Router

All good, and for that matter, bad, things can and do come to an end. I enjoyed having free internet for a long time. My landlord decided to move out of his unit and rent it out so he let me know with enough advance notice that I’ll need to obtain my own internet. I am fine with that because the swap was good. I’d help him with computer problems and he would give me free internet. [Read More]

Writing a Book

There has never been a better time for me to sit down and start writing this technical book that I have wanted to write since the summer of 2009. I have wanted to write a book about my favorite operating system, OpenBSD. Tonight I began brainstorming formats and writing styles for the book. I have been entertaining the idea of writing in two different formats: by example and a cookbook with recipes. [Read More]

Running WireGuard on OpenBSD

I discovered WireGuard several months ago and had read a lot about it. As an avid OpenBSD user, I believe strongly in security, simplicity, and elegance and WireGuard is it! Jason Donenfeld is to be commended for developing a protocol that is currently only 4,000 lines in programming code and uses state of the art encryption. Compare that with the god awful kludge that is IPSEC and OpenVPN and you’ve got something really and truly worth exploring. [Read More]

Spinning Up WireGuard on OpenBSD

After the most serendipitous re-discovery of the old Marathon first person shooter series (now released as freeware and available in ports on OpenBSD) from the 1990s, I got an idea to play the games over the internet with a friend from Mastodon. In order to make this happen, I need to simulate a local area network over the internet which means a VPN tunnel of sorts. Since I do not know exactly how the networking portion of the Marathon series works, I am going to start with another little gem that I discovered called WireGuard. [Read More]

Ditched Linux and Windows Today

After last night’s discovery of a wealth of games and stuff for OpenBSD, I decided that I had enough of keeping Alpine Linux and a Windows 10 VM on my desktop. I was kind of aided by the fact that my desktop decided to shit the bed this morning. I turned it on and the hard drive failed, making me wonder if anything is well built these days. My PC’s warranty just expired as well. [Read More]

Building Firewall Blocklists

One of the things that I see very commonly asked on internet forums are for ways to build firewall block lists. We have to face the facts that there are many bad actors out there that seek to do nefarious things with their internet connection. Whether it is an entire country engaged in industrial espionage or bad actors seeking to profit from spam, sending ransomware, or other activity, we often have a want and need to stop the nonsense. [Read More]

Building Hugo On OpenBSD

I have completely fallen in freaking love with Hugo as a really elegant solution for blogging. Unfortunately, OpenBSD does not have the most current version of Hugo available, which as of this writing is 0.67.0. Fortunately, Hugo is very easy to build. The only build dependency that Hugo has is go and the most current version of go in the OpenBSD ports is new enough to build it. doas pkg_add go From there, all you need do is follow this guide from Hugo and the binary builds. [Read More]