Found a Good C Book

As the title reads, I finally found a good book called C Primer Plus, written by Stephen Prata (Addison-Wesley 2014) This book promises to be very comprehensize at 1072 pages of material which is exactly what I am looking for. I am looking for a thorough self-education in C Programming. I am not interested in learning C++ just yet, although one day I just might. The goals are two fold: (1) To be able to write software for OpenBSD and (2) For the pure enjoyment of learning. [Read More]

Duke Nukem on OpenBSD

Today I discovered one of those joys from my childhood, Duke Nukem 3D Atomic. And I discovered I can play it on my favorite operating system, OpenBSD. OpenBSD and Duke is a marriage made in heaven. The game runs beautifully with the same decent (for the era) graphics and fun sound as my fond memories. In fact, a lot of older games play very well on OpenBSD. I’ve discovered some classic Nintendo and Super Nintendo games that cruise. [Read More]

Looking for a New Project

In light of this latest cluck up of me purchasing a book that was woefully out of date, I am now searching for a new learning project. I am thinking that this one is going to be outside of computers; expand my horizons a little more if you will. One of my other loves happens to be felines. As if the title of my blog and the avatar did not convince you enough. [Read More]

A Lesson From High School

One of my most beloved writing teachers from high school, Edie Johnson, taught all of her students the imortance of reflective writing. Just like breakfast is the single most important meal of the day for the body, doing a small amount of reflective writing is daily breakfast for the mind. Before embarking on anything that is going to be mentally challenging, I take the time to sit down and compose on a random topic or how I am feeling. [Read More]

C Programming Book Arrived Today

My book, C Programming For Dummies All-In-One Desk Reference (Gookin 2004), arrived today and I already began to dive into it. I last tried to learn C in the late 1990s and I was awfully unsuccessful. I think that was because I really had poor instruction. Dan Gookin really knows how to write for a beginning audience and I am already learning some things that I never knew in just the first two chapters alone. [Read More]

C For Dummies Like Me

I decided to permanently table the idea to write a technical book. Instead, I am going to work on learning to code in C. I have tried to learn C before with no success but I am older now and much more of an expert with computers. I can write Unix shell scripts for automation now so the time is right to learn C. I asked one of my friends on Mastodon who is a self-taught C software engineer how he learned and he actually did it with the For Dummies series. [Read More]

Changed My Mind

I have changed my mind on writing a book. I do not enjoy technical writing so much after all. It’s somewhat tedious and kind of boring. I wrote 5 pages and decided to scrap the idea. I would rather learn new things by experimenting with OpenBSD. So I spent the morning building in some real load balancing and redundancy to my website. I use Vultr as my cloud provider and 15. [Read More]

A Rainy Day

A rainy day was a perfect excuse for me to install and configure Windows 10 on my laptop. I did not really want to do it but I found that I have the need to brush up on my Cisco Routing and Switching which means I need Packet Tracer. While doing this I discovered a wealth of classic games that are really only available for Windows so it will be good to have both a Windows machine and an OpenBSD machine. [Read More]

Facing My Worst Fear

It is amazing how, in the span of only about 7 days, my fortune has drastically changed for the worse. Homelessness is looking increasingly more likely so I am facing my worst fear. I am an adult with Autism and my particular difficulties are self care and executive functioning which means that I would not survive a week on the streets. I might last a day or two but that would be it. [Read More]

The Value of Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is absolutely something every person should commit to as I am a huge proponent of it. Psychologists have studied the positive effects on people that make a commitment to learn new skills, trades, and/or concepts. This is why I have made it one of my life’s ongoing goals to seek to learn new things. Since my major hobbies and interests are computer networks and operating systems, I am always seeking to further my knowledge in this area. [Read More]