Changed My Mind

I have changed my mind on writing a book. I do not enjoy technical writing so much after all. It’s somewhat tedious and kind of boring. I wrote 5 pages and decided to scrap the idea. I would rather learn new things by experimenting with OpenBSD. So I spent the morning building in some real load balancing and redundancy to my website. I use Vultr as my cloud provider and 15. [Read More]

Demystifying the VPN

There is no doubt that VPNs can be a great tool for privacy and security. However, there is a lot of patently wrong information that is circulating the internet. Here is a prime example of an article that is just misinformation. Picture a VPN as basically your very own private connection between you and a server as this is what it simulates. A private connection between you and a server would essentially mean that no other network traffic would be able to interfere; it is just a dedicated, point-to-point connection. [Read More]

Humans and Animals

I am very sad when I see and hear about animals being neglected and abused. I feel the same way about human beings whom are in treated the same way. Why is it that there are more services for dogs and cats then there are for human beings? That is almost the quintessential question of the day. I often wonder why it is that we will tell a homeless person to get a job, ignore, or treat them with disdain but that same treatment is not afforded to an animal. [Read More]

A New Political Party

During this time of political, economic, and health crisis in America it has never been more clear that the two party system has failed 99% of Americans. These 99% are people like you and me, people that work for a living in a form of indentured servitude to the 1%. Both parties conspire to keep us in this status so it is time for a progressive party, one that it is dedicated to social, economic, and racial justice; dedicated to ending the plight of the working class and ending economic inequality. [Read More]

Read the Man Pages

This morning I realized that I needed some sort of synchronization between my primary and secondary web servers for when I make updates to my website. When I was just running the website on one web server, there was only a need for synchronization between my desktop machine and the server. So my plan is to use openrsync to sync files between my desktop and the primary web server. Then I can either have a periodic cron job running on the primary server or I could just do another sync from my desktop to the secondary server. [Read More]

A Rainy Day

A rainy day was a perfect excuse for me to install and configure Windows 10 on my laptop. I did not really want to do it but I found that I have the need to brush up on my Cisco Routing and Switching which means I need Packet Tracer. While doing this I discovered a wealth of classic games that are really only available for Windows so it will be good to have both a Windows machine and an OpenBSD machine. [Read More]

Single Payer Healthcare

It has been 3 days since I have put up a blog post so I figured that I would write something on the necessity of single payer healthcare, especially in light of the Coronavirus. As a quick aside, I refuse to call it COVID19 because the Corona Beer company takes exception; that’s just too bad. Since millions of Americans are going to get sick and many may die the time for a national discussion on moving to Medicare For All has never been more important. [Read More]

Writing a Book

There has never been a better time for me to sit down and start writing this technical book that I have wanted to write since the summer of 2009. I have wanted to write a book about my favorite operating system, OpenBSD. Tonight I began brainstorming formats and writing styles for the book. I have been entertaining the idea of writing in two different formats: by example and a cookbook with recipes. [Read More]

Fuck the Federal Government

The last 7 days have left me utterly drained and very angry at the federal government. I wish I could say I was surprised at the complete incompetence of the federal government, so yes, I am at the point of exclaiming, “Fuck the federal government!” The lack of a good, cohesive response to the COVID19 pandemic has caused a panic in the business world and the wealthy have sold off all of their shit causing the market to collapse and wiping out the lifesavings of an untold number of people in a short 1 week span. [Read More]

Facing My Worst Fear

It is amazing how, in the span of only about 7 days, my fortune has drastically changed for the worse. Homelessness is looking increasingly more likely so I am facing my worst fear. I am an adult with Autism and my particular difficulties are self care and executive functioning which means that I would not survive a week on the streets. I might last a day or two but that would be it. [Read More]