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Thinking About Volunteering

This morning my friend Jim got me to think about volunteering for an organization once I get my Social Security Disability straightened out. He made a good suggestion for helping seniors with their technology issues and I will strongly consider that. I am also thinking about Habitat For Humanity because I would like to do something with my hands; something that gets me outside and actively working with the community.

Eons ago I did some volunteer work through my employer at Habitat in Arizona and I enjoyed it. Habitat is kind to its volunteers and I felt really included and learned a few things while I was at it. It might be nice to try the local chapter here in New Castle County, Delaware. Actively working with my hands might really be good for me.

I also hope that volunteering might help me to develop a circle of friends, and maybe, perish the thought, start dating again. Although let’s not put the cart before the horse because I am not ready to date and dating is hard to impossible when on disability. Anyhow, I digress … I really want to start doing some good in the community in some fashion.

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