Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This morning I am again up early and doing a lot of thinking - perhaps too much thinking - about the future. I am worried about my financial and housing situation right now. I have a lot to do including starting to get rid of some excess possessions and downsizing. I know that I will probably be moving in 6 months into subsidized housing, which in this case is going to be a room in a shared house. I won't have space for all of what I own. I have a lot of mixed emotions about the entire affair. On one hand, I am happy to be moving into much more affordable housing, but on the other, I will miss the space that I have.

I have a pretty full week this week so I think next week I am going to start downsizing by selling off things that I don't need. If I cannot sell them, I'll simply have to give them away. I have a server, a printer, and a cheap desktop to get rid of. I also have furniture that I won't be able to bring with me because I won't have the space. I guess I have to figure out what will be coming with me and what won't. The whole activity is overwhelming so I know I've been putting it off for precisely that reason.

This evening I am going to venture in to Wilmington to return the free bicycle given to me by the Urban Bike Project. I don't want to hold on to it any longer because someone will make good use out of it and I have my bike out of storage. With that done, I can focus on getting my road bike road worthy again but I'll have to wait until Thursday's open shop hours. Just venturing into Wilmington is going to be $4.00 out of my pocket for bus fare. I miss having a car. Public transportation in Delaware is frustratingly lacking.

I even have a good riding trail to begin on, the Jack Markell trail, which is rated as an easy 7.9 mile long greenway. The trail is a former railroad so it is flat and a perfect start for me. The aim is just to do any amount of riding. I don't have to complete the whole trail. I'll go as far as I can. My aim is to do this on Saturday, May 4th. I know that towards the end of the trail is a farmer's market with some real good pizza. Two slices for the ride home if I can make it that far.