A Saturday Night

Tonight I needed to get out of the house so I went to my local bar, Murph’s Irish Pub, to enjoy some live music and a Miller Lite. I struggle with loneliness so it is important for me to get out of the house and try to have a good time. There’s also a football game going on and I want the Buffalo Bills to kick hell out of Miami! Anyway, I digress. I tend to do that a lot when buzzed.

I started up a conversation by accident with this couple that wasn’t too happy. The guy was treating his girlfriend like dirt. His girlfriend is a gorgeous Russian ex-patriot. He went out for a smoke and I met Yelena. Yelena is a 5 foot nothing goddess who I had to strike up a convo with. That convo ended up with kiss and her number. I may be 45 but apparently I still got some game. I want to be her teddy bear. 🧸

I am feeling like a teenager again. It’s been a minute since I’ve felt the closeness of a woman. It’s been years since I’ve even had sex with, let alone kissed, a woman. Somehow, I think this may be the beginning of something. May I dream of Yelena tonight.





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