This Morning’s Insight

It seems like I had a significant personal insight this morning and I am truly grateful to the connections that I have made on the internet for providing this for me. I use Reddit to stay on top of technology trends and I discovered the sub-reddit called r/msp. This a sub dedicated to folks working in, managing, or owning managed service provider businesses. Basically a managed service provider is a jack-of-all trades IT business that provides technology outsourcing services to small businesses. Anyway I digress, the sub-reddit just provided me some real closure to something disappointing a decade ago.

About a decade ago I managed to land 3 clients that needed technology support and I decided to try running my own managed service provider but was not successful. One of the posts inside of the Reddit sub helped me to understand that the failing wasn’t one of lack of technical competency but one of business acumen/knowledge. I realize this morning that I am more of an operations guy than a business guy. While I wasn’t successful in business, at least now I really understand why and I no longer feel like a failure.

I wonder if I could one day partner with somebody with business acumen because I think I would make a good COO whereas my strength wasn’t as a CFO/CEO. It’s a possibility but I think at my age I need stability and not to keep rolling snake eyes on the dice of life. I may not love my job right now but the state government benefits cannot be beat.

This weekend is going to be a really chill one because I just don’t physically have anything left in me to do anything for New Years. Instead, I have a fun little personal project of doing some computer networking. I am hoping that a Dell OptiPlex 7050 that I ordered arrives today. It’s going to be turned into a router so I can do some good, old-fashioned experimentation and if I break things I get to tinker. I think that will provide some joy. I will document my progress here on my blog. It’s a good place to leave notes.





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