Solving Crime and Violence

The problems of crime and violence are deceptively difficult to solve. Yes, I used the double negative on purpose in order to draw attention to how simple these problems are to solve. In order to solve the problems of crime and violence, we must address the problem of poverty. To solve the problem of poverty, we must have a strong social welfare system that is not nearly as means tested as it is today. [Read More]

Blowing Off Steam

Tonight I really need to blow off some steam. Work is not going well and I am depresed about it. I had higher hopes that I’d found a good place to work but it looks like those hopes have been sorely missplaced. I guess the old saying, Shit in one hand, hope in the other, and see which hand gets filled faster bitterly applies. I have stepped into a dumpster fire and it feels like I just don’t have enough bandwidth to survive it. [Read More]

Collapse of America

This absolutely surreal, almost movie-like. We are watching America rapidly unravel. Stress is at an all time high and it is causing people to snap. Food and energy prices have risen well beyong people’s means to afford them. Roads, bridges, and infrastructure are decaying. Political dysfunction is worse than it has ever been. Politicians continue to give needless benefits to the wealthy while stripping needed benefits from the working class. If this does not read like Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire, I don’t know what does. [Read More]

Blog Is Back

As the title reads, my blog is back. I’ve had some time to think about it and I don’t care if my employer finds this because I have a right to write what I wish so long as I am not doing anything criminal with it. I am also taking the lock off my Twitter account. If I want to write and publish pro-Socialist views, then that is my constitutional right. [Read More]