Some Life Preparations

I spent the afternoon making some preparations because the Coronavirus (COVID19) has hit my tiny little home state of Delaware. I bought some food to last a little bit and I started putting together a password list of all my information in case something should happen to me. I know it is kind of morbid and a little preparation is a good thing. I still have to get my head wrapped around this whole COVID19 thing because I just don’t scare easily and I am not really attached to life. [Read More]

Joy of OpenBSD

I really appreciate OpenBSD for the pure joy that it provides for me when it comes to computing. In the twenty years that I have been using it, this operating system continues to teach me new and interesting aspects of computing and the internet. Today’s hyper corporatized and monetized internet, makes me that much more grateful for an operating system that is free. I love how the philosophy of the project is not one of hand holding but forces you to learn and think critically. [Read More]

Trump: A Case Study In Failed Leadership

Donald Trump is a textbook case study in failed leadership. Today, Thursday, March 12, 2020 he lied about the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic, he lied about things going smoothly for testing and diagnosis, and he lied about Americans coming back into the country as being carefully screened. Americans can only hope against all hope that he does not get re-elected this year. The social and economic injustice that Trump has unleashed for America is epic. [Read More]

The Medication Change Worked

I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest since seeing the psychiatrist and having my medication changed. I am relieved that the rather severe bout of clinical depression that I was fighting was not situational but purely chemical. I have now been on aripiprazole (generic for Abilify) for 1 full week, and even at its low dose of 5mg, I feel a world of a difference. [Read More]

The Other Side of Mental Illness

I often bemoan having a diseased mind but there really and truly is another side that often gets overlooked. People with clinical depression, anxiety, schizophrenics, and people with bipolar I often have well above average intelligence. Indeed we diseased minds but they’re often brilliant and beautiful minds. Sometimes I ask myself, if given the opportunity, would I trade my defective brain for one that is normal. If I made that swap without knowing the goods that I would be getting in return, there is no way I would; risking trading my mental condition for the (lack of) intelligence and irrascability of Donald Trump is a non-starter. [Read More]

Spinning Up WireGuard on OpenBSD

After the most serendipitous re-discovery of the old Marathon first person shooter series (now released as freeware and available in ports on OpenBSD) from the 1990s, I got an idea to play the games over the internet with a friend from Mastodon. In order to make this happen, I need to simulate a local area network over the internet which means a VPN tunnel of sorts. Since I do not know exactly how the networking portion of the Marathon series works, I am going to start with another little gem that I discovered called WireGuard. [Read More]

Ditched Linux and Windows Today

After last night’s discovery of a wealth of games and stuff for OpenBSD, I decided that I had enough of keeping Alpine Linux and a Windows 10 VM on my desktop. I was kind of aided by the fact that my desktop decided to shit the bed this morning. I turned it on and the hard drive failed, making me wonder if anything is well built these days. My PC’s warranty just expired as well. [Read More]

An Olive Branch for Liz Warren

The genesis of this blog post is a twitter poll that I saw below and thought it was an incredibly thought provoking question. Should Liz Warren be Bernie’s running mate? Should Bernie offer Warren VP ? @ewarren @BernieSanders — 🌹 🛸 👽 (@BerniesWave) March 5, 2020 I will freely admit that I do not trust Warren as far as I can throw her. She is known to blow with the political winds, much like a windsock. [Read More]

OpenBSD Retro Gaming

This evening I learned about how I can use my OpenBSD machine to play games! Of particular interest are all of the retro games from my childhood. I found an original Nintendo Entertainment System emulator and game ROMs. I have such fond memories of the Super Mario Brothers series and the cheesy Nintendo Ice Hockey game. I was a rabid Legend of Zelda and Metroid fan as well. Man, I loved everything from Baseball to Football and everything in between. [Read More]

Installed RainLoop for Webmail

This afternoon I decided that it would be nice to have webmail access for my personal email setup in case I am in an area where all I can use is a publicly available computer. Normally I am an experienced Roundcube user and I liked its minimalistic look very much but I happened upon RainLoop quite by accident. Now both RainLoop and Roundcube use PHP and I was really hoping to not have to go back to using anything with PHP but such as life. [Read More]