A Waste of Time

It turns out that this partial hospitalization program at MeadowWood Behavioral Health Hospital is a giant waste of time. It is nothing more than a psychiatric mill and a warehouse; simply a place to go during the day and nothing more, perhaps everything less. To say I am disappointed in the program is to vastly understate the entire affair. I got so angry that I lost my temper and my cool completely. I am partly embarrassed at having lost my temper but mostly not. Some things were said that needed to be said.

I am an atheist hence I have no religion; indeed rejecting religion outright in favor of science, critical thinking, and independence. I feel that this program is basically proselytizing the Christian Temperance movement and belief in a sky daddy as the higher power. Religion and healthcare, be it mental health or otherwise, have no business being bed fellows. Mental health has nothing to do with not praying hard enough or not being devout enough.

Furthermore, I was disgusted at the clinical social worker's attitude that THC and marijuana are gateway drugs. The overwhelming evidence supports just the opposite. Marijuana and THC have helped tremendously with depression and anxiety. Some psychiatrists see the value in it and have advised their patients that THC could be beneficial to them. Instead, I heard the clinical social worker rail against marijuana when she is neither doctor nor expert in pharmacology. I do not know whether or not to return tomorrow. I don't really want to go back and I am torn.

On one hand, I need to show that I am committing to a treatment program but this ain't no treatment program. I don't even know what MeadowWood is. The best - the best - I can describe it as is a psychiatric mill. Privately, I am indeed worried that the taxpayer is getting money stolen from them by MeadowWood. How can Medicare and Medicaid continue to finance such a poor program!? It's so bad that people have to keep coming back for "stabilization" or what they so-call a "tune-up." To me it is all hogwash.