Back On The Bicycle

After 10 years, I finally got back on the bicycle to start riding again. I am really out of shape so even riding one mile is not easy but I am proud of myself for starting again. A journey starts with a small step forward and that's exactly what I've done. I took my bicycle to the pharmacy to get some prescriptions filled. Now I am having a little lunch while the pharmacy does their thing.

This was not an easy step forward to take. I had to do it with a lot of self-praise and active thought re-framing because my brain wanted to be negative about the whole affair. It's amazing how loud the negative voice inside my head really is. I have to actively quiet it. At least I know the more I do this, the easier it will become.

I don't quite know what I am going to do for the rest of the day. I have to reach out to my old boss and ask her to write me an email confirming my last day at the job was on March 5th. I'll need this for my Social Security Disability hearing on Wednesday, April 24th. Man my brain just wants to beat myself up over this. Disability is not my fault at all. I must keep telling myself this. Mental illness is a no-fault condition.