Mornings Are Difficult

One of the problems with having Major Depressive Disorder is dealing with mornings. Mornings continue to be really difficult and I awaken feeling down but not quite as down as I used to. I think it is because antidepressant medication levels might be lower? I really have no idea and I am left wondering why I feel so down because yesterday was really productive. My bicycle is ready to go and I got all the paperwork and processes done for Social Security Disability Insurance. I would have thought today would be easier.

I forgot to order a helmet yesterday so I am not going to ride tomorrow after all. There is no way that I am not going to ride without having a helmet; safety is something to take seriously and I value my cognitve abilities. At least my water bottles, gloves, jerseys, and shorts will arrive today. I will aim to ride once I get a helmet. I ended up ordering my helmet through the Urban Bike Project and it only cost me 30.00. I couldn't beat that.

I think today I am going to push myself a little and set up an email server with my other domain, I'd like to do some learning about mail servers and all that running one entails. Once I learn how to set one up and maintain it, I will move my primary domain,, to self-hosted. This will be a good project for today and might give me some real satisfaction. I am going to stand up an OpenBSD virtual machine specifically for this purpose.

I really want to get my stuff out of the cloud as much as possible. The only thing that I need in the cloud is just a VPS to connect my services to the outside world. So I will continue to pay the $2.99 per month for the VPS rental.