Finish My De-Googling

I think my mission for this afternoon is to finish my de-Googling process. I'd start this morning except I'm going to a brunch with some friends and I'm terrible about being interrupted and resuming so I'll wait to start.

I have absolutely had enough of Google and their antics. Google has reached trillion dollar valuation and has just had another round of layoffs only to give the jobs to people in India and Mexico. Ironically, the people that got laid off were told that they had to do their jobs from the office. Yeah, fuck the hypocrisy! I'll pay $9.00 a month for a virtual machine hosted by Cloudfanatic to run my own cloud services.

I found Nextcloud and I am planning to use it to host all of the services that I need: storage, calendar, contacts, and mail. The mail will actually continue to be stored with Zoho but I'll use Nextcloud for reading the email when I am out and about. It's long past time to ditch the Google spying machine and this will be a good project for a rainy weekend. I was originally planning to ride my bicycle but a series of personal follies prevented that from happening, plus the rain puts a damper on riding.

The bike shorts and jerseys that I bought were too small and I could not find my helmet. I dare not ride without protection for the old noodle. So, de-Google it is. My aim is to get the services stood up today and slowly migrate the data over. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I can reduce my Google usage to one service only which is Google Voice. I have a phone number parked there which I want to hold on to. So I guess I won't be completely Google-free but close enough.