Motivation To Learn JavaScript

So I am really struggling right now to come up with the motivation to learn JavaScript because I am so focused on the HTML and CSS aspect of this web development class that I am taking, The Odin Project. It feels like it is too dramatic a shift. If I had my druthers, I would stay on HMTL and CSS learning the more intermediate and advanced aspects before introducing JS. But the curriculum has shifted and I must adapt.

Programming in JavaScript looks a little annoying because I am going to have to do it inside of a browser and use the browser console. The browser console of Google, in a word, sucks. The font is small but it looks like it can be enlarged somewhat through CTRL ++. I'll have to give that a shot.

I am learning that maybe I will have to push myself a little bit but I'll do it in small bits and pieces. Hopefully eventually I'll build up to doing more. I've never had much success with the programming aspect. I think it's just going to take a little push but I'll make it. I am planning to start after brunch this morning.