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Been a Rough Two Days

As the title reads, it has been a rough two days. My car has been voluntarily surrendered to the local Hyundai dealership and I’m now without a car. I guess I hadn’t realized how upending the experience would really be.

After dropping off the keys, I ended up taking an Uber because I could not locate the bus stop. I ended up paying 16.50 because it was a shared ride but still was more than the 2.00 fair.

Things went slightly better when that afternoon, I needed to go to the library, I had a short easy walk to the stop. I had a moment of embarrassment while figuring out where the bar code scanner was located located so I could put my phone under it to pay my fare. Well it finally beeps and i can sit down and wait to get to my destination. As luck would have it I got off too early and had to walk half a mile to get to the library. Oh well. The exercise was good for me.

So while hoofing it to the library, I found the stop for the library to know for next time. While at the library, I got my document, signed, scanned, and emailed. I took a short break to play around on my laptop before purchasing the return fair on my phone and walking back to the bus stop to head home exhausted. The anxiety was real. I do hope that this gets easier with practice.

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