Caught up with a Friend

While I was in hospital from February 20th through the 28th, I made a close friend. His name is Remy and he's by all counts a good and decent human being who I'm proud to know. Unfortunately, he's still in patient so I called and we talked for nearly 45 minutes.

It's been great to catch up with him. I attribute our friendship to cutting my hospital stay in half. He did more for me than anyone and my gratitude is eternal. We had deep conversations about life, cats, autism, mental illness, etc.

Sadly tonight things were not going so well for him so I let him do all of the talking. I felt his pain and anger at the unfair ways that he is being treated by the doctors and nurses. Furthermore this is only feeding his angst, anxiety and depression. The hospital staff want to release him before he's ready and he still feels suicidal. I'm scared and concerned for one of my new besties. He's got a lot to live for and many care about him.

I've reminded him of his innate goodness and that a lot of people would be deeply affected by his potential suicide. There are people that love him deeply. Hell, I love him deeply.

I'm not going to lie. I'm worried. We've got plans to go to outpatient therapy next month at Rockford Center together. We're going to get better together. I'm excited as hell about it too. He's like my younger brother.