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Some Thoughts on Cats

I once had a long discussion on cats with a friend. We were both talking about what it is that draws us to them. Both of us like how cats probably see humans as their peers, that is fellow felines on the same level, as themselves. This makes them almost the perfect anarchists that reject authority. They also form very close and fierce bonds with those whom they chose and on their own very specific terms; a quality with which my friend and I can closely identify with.

Perhaps one of the more interesting qualities of cats is that they come across as very gender non-binary. Both male and female cats have qualities of both genders. It can be very common to see male cats mothering and actively participating in raising kittens. Similarly, it can be common to see female cats playing a guardianship role in cat colonies. This simply fascinated both me and my friend.

Observing the bonds cats form with the world around them is very noteworthy. Perhaps because my friend and I are autistic, we also see similar traits in our feline companions and can understand them very well from that perspective. For example, we have taken note that our cats sometimes have very specific places on their bodies that they do not like to be touched and others that they simply love to be touched. I know that I do not like my head to be touched, and often when it is, I can develop severe headaches. Cats often do not like to be touched on their bellies as it is a spot that is very vulnerable.

I am a creature of habit and routine is extremely important to me. My cat is also highly routine-oriented. I know that when her routine is disturbed it throws her into a tizzy of sorts as it does me. This is yet another observation of feline behavior and just how interesting it really is.

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